We both were in the hunt for a best friend. This beautiful little guy was found roaming the streets of Melton. His behavior towards dogs and people suggest that he was mistreated by both. It makes me so sad to think about it but it makes me happy he has a second chance. He was extremely wary of tall men and took longer to connect with my dad and brother than with mum and I.
He would freak out completely when going for a walk at people, cars, dogs, anything that moves. He was so freaked out I could barely keep him in his harness, he escaped once and launched himself at a dog that was minding it's own business. He can now handle people, cars, bikes, scooters, and dogs at a distance. He is my little guard dog but knows if friends stay over not to bark.
He trusts me implicitly. I can give him a bath which he hates and knows I am doing it for good reason. I can calm him when he is fired up. He has a posse of people that love and adore him and he has learnt new tricks like left and right.

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