This girl is the most remarkable girl I’ve ever known. She was heavily pregnant when she came into my care, had only one functioning eye, and was absolutely terrified from being abused.  I spent hours and hours with her trying to build her trust and confidence. I was the only person she trusted for months. Her labour and birth were beyond stressful for her and I was with her every minute loving her as hard as I could. After she was desexed and had one of her eyes removed, she started to turn into a different dog. She became brighter, she smiled and she has begun to love life. I found what I believe the best forever home I could’ve ever hoped for her. Scarlett taught me to be patient, to love life every day and appreciate every moment you have with dogs. I am still in contact with her owner and Scarlett is living the most loving life ever. She has an amazing new rescue brother and her owner adores her and is so thankful for Scarlett coming into her life. I still love this girl so much that I even got a tattoo of her. My Scarley xx

Donna’s nominated rescue organisation is Pound Patrol.

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