Sasha is a long distance rescue. She was spotted in the desert in the centre of Saudi Arabia. No one knows what happened to her or how long she must have struggled to survive on her own but somehow she did. She had both hind legs badly broken and spinal damage. Her wounds were already scarred. She was spotted by a Saudi lady who stayed with her while waiting for her driver to fetch what was needed to get her. She was then transported hundreds of kilometres to Riyadh but vets there were unable to help her. Next step in her journey was to Dubai where an orthopaedic surgeon fitted a custom made implant and bone was grafted from her chest. Some of her skin then died exposing the implant but with care it closed over. She had many people care for her as she waited to satisfy Australian quarantine conditions. She now lives happily with 2 other middle east pariahs of the type used to establish the Canaan breed. I would never have sought a paraplegic dog but she has shown me how happy a dog can be. Many strangers came forward to help her, sometimes things just happen.

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