In Jan 2018 I started volunteering at AWL. As a dog lover I thought what better way something to give something back. After 10 rewarding years, in July 2018 we lost our beloved Maltese-Shitzu (Miffy) from a sudden illness. It was utterly devastating for my family (dying a few days after my birthday). To overcome the grief I still volunteered at the shelter, as there were so many abandoned and abused dogs that still need love and affection. One shift I started walking this cute blue staffy. Sasha was so calm and sociable and I wondered why anyone would give her up? I was shocked to learn out Sasha was used for breeding by an unscrupulous backyard breeder, neglected medically, and now suffering a painful ear infection that made her deaf. After we at AWL raise over $6000, Sasha had surgery to totally remove her inner ear canals. Despite her suffering (plus emergency caesarian surgery to remove her dead litter), Sasha inspired me to live "in the moment". After persuading my (still grieving) wife to initially foster Sasha while she recovered from her surgery, ultimately we couldn't give her up. Her affection and resilience taught us to love again. Priceless.

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