About five months ago we adopted two eight year old dogs who were inseparable Their training is ongoing, but they are learning and gaining confidence. One has anxiety however we are working with our vet to manage this.
We have learnt to keep food away from the edge of the bench and the table, as manners are not their strong point; to appreciate the new garden design they have created for us; to expect to be followed from room to room; to place obstacles on the lounge suite to keep them in their own beds; to know that Zoom meetings are much more interesting if they can jump up and have a say, and my students have learnt that “the boys” want their walk as they bark when I’m winding up the late afternoon class.
Each morning we are greeted as if we have been away for a month. Their great excitement has led us to have discover a new sport – mat surfing! Nothing like being super excited, running wildly then leaping onto a mat to go sliding across the wooden floors!
They have enriched our lives and we love them dearly.

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