Firstly our little fox terrierJack cross 4.5 years was poisoned and after a couple of months we decided to look for another dog. After a search we finally found Sally …. she is a Jack Russell Parson and she was adopted February 2018 at 20 months … she is now 3.5 years. She was used for two litters of pups and then dumped at Fur Babies. We were told that her puppies were taken a little early and she was depressed and upset . The persons who dumped her did not want her and said they would throw her on the M4 or drown her if not taken in. When we got her she was quite thin and untrained and running around in circles (we think she was caged). Different story now, she has put on weight, well fed, loved to bits, and one very happy dog. The added bonus for us she has a lovely disposition and is devoted to my husband and I. After country life and now city life she has settled in very well, we take her everywhere, she has travelled in the car to Victoria and Gold Coast and she loves it.

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