Our Sadie girl is a 1 year old Labrador and was adopted at the start of this year to join our family with our 3 year old golden retriever Barney.
As soon as we laid eyes on her we knew that was it. Sadie has lived in 5 houses in total but can happily and quite contently call our house home.
We knew going into this Sadie has never been given time and love into her obedience but that did not deter us. We attend weekly social classes so she can learn how to play as well as passing her obedience course as she is the smartest girl ever.
Barney and Sadie have the most amazing relationship, from the moment she laid eyes on Barney she was in love.
I have never met a more loving dog who would happily spend her days laying on you. With Sadie, it is never about ‘things’ rather than the family she surrounds herself with. We love her so much and can’t remember a time without her.

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