Rufus formerly known as Buckley was a lonely boy left on his own in a backyard in Geelong. We received a phone call requesting urgent fostering assistance on a Friday morning and we jumped at the chance to look after the sweet gentle giant. He arrived a few hours later and we fell in love at first sight. After promptly being
renamed him Rufus, he showered us with love and affection. Rufus just wants to greet everyone with full body hugs and kisses to the face (though not everyone appreciates this). He had no idea how to walk on lead, walking 100m would took 5 mins as he would be jumping around us in circle and tugging non-stop in every direction.
A year on with much love and patience, he has settled in nicely and our nights are usually spent watching TV (well Rufus snoring) on the couch, along with the cat Mishna, who was also a foster fail from 7 years ago. Rufus is a smoochy boy, making friends with all the dogs at the local park. He also love small humans.

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