We have always adopted rescue dogs
When our beautiful Staffi Kara died ,
Her companion and best friend Tosca
(Saved Rottweiler)
Was lost as they were inseparable,
I found Ruby
Who suffered from loneliness and terrible anxiety,
My best friend ( VET )
Dr. Todd Gardinar,
Gave great advice on how to manage the anxiety,
Tosca came to meet Ruby at the dogs. Home ,
And the staff all seemed happy for Ruby to come home ,
I knew she would never be going back to the dogs home again ,
Her and Tosca became best of friends
Sleeping together,
In the car together getting 3 walks a day ,
Ruby started to trust again and just loved being around people ,
Not so good with other. Dogs except Tosca ,
She sleeps o top of her ,
Ruby has made us smile again ,
Sadly Tosca died suddenly from bloat last December and our hearts are still so empty ,
We would be lost with out Ruby
Thank gooodness for Miss Ruby
Bringing endless happiness into our lives ,
More spoilt than ever ,Ruby runs the house by lunch time she has had ;2 walks ,Not alone since ToscaDied

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