Our family adopted Ruby, a Staffy Mix, from Hunter Animal Rescue as a six week old pup back in 2008. I have often said that the day we rescued her, we struck gold. She was our walking companion, a fishing buddy, pitch invader in many back yard cricket games, but most importantly, she was ours. Just over three years ago, my husband passed away suddenly and she grieved just like we all did. I'm sure she sensed he wasn't well. She still enjoyed her early morning walks and I used to say she was the reason why I went walking. Sadly over the last few years her health deteriorated and we had to make the painful decision to put her to sleep. Our beautiful Ruby was just over 14 years and she gave us unconditional love every single day. Our lives were all the better for having her in it and I like to think she is still walking with her master along the river bank.

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