Aged 4 and seemingly had very little regular exercise, Roxy came to us last October, anxious and terrified of other dogs. On the lead, fight or flight kicked in every time a four legged rival passed by. Off the lead she’d run aggressively at other dogs or cower behind us, depending on its size. When visitors came to the house, she’d pee on the spot . Once terrified of the furry neighbours- a Great Dane pup (horse) called Albus and a Kelpie called Flynn, her transformation has been amazing. She still has a way to go but she will now play with Albus instead of running away, growling, tail between her legs. She cries at the door to go out when she hears them playing in the street outside. Roxy is a loving, friendly girl, whose behaviour is changing by the week . We considered sending her back a couple of times but persevered. Friends can’t believe the change in her today. We will continue to work on her reactiveness on the lead.

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