4 years ago we adopted a 5year old Koolie, Roxie, as a pet for our daughter Louisa. Louisa has a mild intellectual disability. It was love at first sight for both of them and Roxie is now her constant companion. Louisa takes Roxie to our local park where she has made friends with many other dog owners including a wonderful woman involved in cat rescue. Louisa now volunteers in cat rescue, manages the park WhatsApp group, socialises with friends, "dog sits" for other owners, participates in community events, and gets lots of exercise! Being responsible for Roxie has taught her valuable skills and opened up her world to new friends and possibilities. Roxie has also gone from being very anxious to being a fit, healthy and happy dog. Our rescue experience was so positive that we have rescued a second dog, a young, cheerful, bouncy Labrador called Chester. Roxie and Chester get on very well and he has helped her to learn to play and have fun Louisa now has an action packed life and both dogs now have a secure and happy home.

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