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Your story of pet adoption:
I adopted Rowdy Blue , a Pure Bred Bluetick Coonhound from Forever Friends Animal Rescue in 2015. We have shared a life changing , enlightening journey and it has been a pleasure and a privelege to have him in my life. Rowdy Blue had failed as a hunting dog so had been kept outside , locked in a wire pen , 24/7 for the first 6 years of his life . I saw his sad , depressed face and read of his miserable existence on Pet rescue . He was mine!! He became my ‘ heart dog’ and an instagram sensation ! I never imagined a stubborn , belligerent 50 kg hound would steal my heart and become my inseparable mate . He thrived on my love and attention , blossoming into the most joyful , happy and quirky hound , gentle with puppies , children and even my grumpy old cat . The joy, laughs , and incredible friendships he and his Instagram

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