I adopted my darling Border Collie cross Rosie through finding her online at PetRescue. There was something about her photo that really stirred me emotionally – so much so that we drove 5 hours each way to meet her.

I will always be so grateful to PetRescue to introduce me to Rosie. After rescuing her I spent some months training her as a most delightful Delta Therapy Dog. For the last 3.5 years she has visited an Aged Care facility each week. She has a special way that she can bring so much joy and happiness to the residents.

Who would have thought that me rescuing a lovely little dog at a time when she needed it most, would then result in her emotionally supporting hundreds and hundreds of people at a time when they need it most. A quote from a resident sums it up “Oh Rosie I was feeling very down this morning but when you come to visit you lift me right up and make me feel like a Princess”.

Thank you so much PetRescue – you have helped bring much joy and happiness to so many people, just when they need it most. Thank you.

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