I adopted my Australian Cattle Dog, Rosie in August 2019. She was an 11 week old puppy and one of an all female litter of puppies who were previously riddled with gastro and who suffered haemorrhaging. All 7 or 8 girls in the litter survived and went on to find their forever homes with the help of Pet’s Haven. At the time, I was suffering with severe depression and anxiety. Rosie was an incredible companion for me during my toughest days. She helped me get back into a routine, and attending puppy training and play dates with Rosie really brought my confidence back. Almost 2 years later, Rosie is a happy and full of life pup. We attend dog parks, beaches and have many play dates with my friends and their dogs. She loves nothing more than to run and play and to this day is still an incredible solace when I’m going through a rougher patch in my life. I am forever grateful to Pet’s Haven for bringing not only my dog, but my best friend into my life.

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