We’ve always had rescue dogs.
Our poodle x suddenly got very sick & passed over the rainbow to doggy heaven.
Our old (rescue) mini poodle, Louie, was so depressed. He didn’t want to eat, not excited for walks,.
My vet suggested I get another dog.
My response was “no, we’ll just have the one dog now”.
Two weeks later, still with a very sad & depressed poodle, we travelled 4 hours to the ‘small, fluffy dog rescue’ home to meet a very scared, abused mini poodle called Rosebud.
This poor little dog was so frightened, but, I could see the trust she had in her foster carers.
After a lengthy interview, Rosebud meeting Louie & us spending time with the frightened 2 year old & looking at
photos of our backyard, we were approved.
So began our journey. A lengthy 4 hour drive home with a trembling poodle & Louie looking on.
What a journey it has been.
After arriving home, Rosebud (we really-named her Rosie) was very shy,. Her eyes began to soften & you could see the trust. But, that was 9 years ago. She’s the happiest girl ever. We can’t imagine not having her in our lives.

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