Weighed down by a heavy chain and a large spiked collar, a scared dog crept slowly out from a crumbling shed. A severed pig's head lay beside her for food and a large stick propped nearby was used to silence her lonely barking. Shaking, she gently crept up and nuzzled my hand. I think she knew we were there to save her. As we drove away from that hell, I told her she was safe.

She had never been granted a name, but we called her Rose as we knew she would soon blossom. An amazing world of experiences soon opened up for Rose in foster care. She had her first bath, her first trip to the park and fun car rides. Rose learned to trust and experienced the comfort of a soft bed for the first time. Rose also received the veterinary attention she needed to ensure she would never again be bred for profit.

She was now ready for adoption. Finding the perfect person to support Rose’s continued recovery and happiness was just as important as her rescue. Rose now has a loving forever mum, but so many volunteers will always be a part of her incredible story.

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