Rory (Aurora) is our fourth rescue dog and the second one we found via PetRescue. She's beautiful – very cheeky, smart, loyal and protective, and a wonderful addition to our family. When we adopted her, we had Lily, a gentle German Shepherd, who became her surrogate mum, and Wombat, a border collie x kelpie, who became her big brother. They were awesome together; a real joy – and they gave us much happiness. Sadly, Lily passed away in 2016 and Wombat just 3 weeks ago, after being diagnosed with cancer. Rory, a very cute blue heeler x corgi, is lost without her brother and she's now even closer to my partner and myself. We're going to get her a little companion (have our eye on a few PetRescue puppies) and can't wait to have a new addition to our family. It won't replace Wombat but will hopefully help heal our hearts. In the meantime, Rory is getting even more cuddles than ever xxx

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