Rory was one of 6 pups given up by a rural gentleman who has a history of not giving them up for adoption, but a much more cruel way of dealing with puppies from his cattle dog. Luckily he decided to do the right thing this time and surrender them to 'GAAR'. When I arrived at the property to adopt one, I couldn't choose. All 6 were available and I spent 2 hours choosing. I picked 1 of the 2 boys, the shyest one. Rory struggled with males (may have been abused early) and other dogs. He was mauled at age 1 and has come such a long way to now being the happiest and friendliest Kelpie I've ever seen. I've been alone all my life, Rory fixed that and has dramatically improved my life and taught me many valuable lessons about responsibility and caring for someone else along the way. xx

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