Roosy was born in Alice Springs and was rescued as a young pup, by Desert Dogs and through Petrescue. Originally Roo, he bounced his way into the lives of his new owners. For 8 years Roosy retained his mantle as lord of his inner west Sydney home and all the trappings that went with that, including; days at the beach, celebrity status at the local Parkrun and holidays up the coast in the kombi. Spoilt like an only child, he would never bark and rarely complain, but with the passage of time he would get a few aches and pains and what appeared to be the onset of some arthritis. The thought of a quiet life was appealing, but little did he realise it wasn't going to be long-lasting. 200 word limit not enough to tell the rest of Roosy's story and the introduction of 2 more rescue animals – please see attached file!

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