When we lost our old rescue dog we were devastated. Although Roo will never replace her she filled our home with love and character quickly fitting into our family with her little quirks. She loves coming camping with us. Exploring the beach for the 1st time she found her bird chasing passion. Now she loves chasing birds in her spare time running circles in the backyard. Love that she is always waiting at the front gate when we get home and seeing her goofy face with her ears dapping to the side and a nice present of dirt clump or charcoal their for us. She doesn't realise how long her lanky legs are always running or tripping over them. Never a dull moment with her around. Since getting Roo we have now decided to become a foster family for dogs as Roo has so much love to share. She has now become a foster sister to Stella and the 2 have become great friends. Life with Roo has brought so much joy and brought us closer together as we are always doing things as a family that she c a n be included.

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