Adopting a cat changed my life in ways I never knew possible. Never did I think I could love something as much as I love Romie. When I first adopted Romie, she was 4 months old and was very shy and scared of people in result of her past experiences. She hid for the first 2 weeks I had her but then she slowly started coming out of her shell. Day by day she made progress in overcoming he fears and I started to see glimmers of her cheeky personality. Until eventually she was out Socialising with the family and most Importantly created a strong bond with the family dog Tashi. Romie never leaves my side and I will never leave hers. She has taught me so much, especially to be strong and to never give up. Despite everything she has been through in the past she has come out the other end and as a cuddly, loving, cheeky, energetic, (very naughty) cat who has endless love to give. I don’t know what I’d do without her. She is always there when i need her and for that I am forever grateful.

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