Our Rigby lived 3 years in pounds. Our whole family (including fur) visited Monika’s to find a forever friend for Maggie (JR who stopped eating after losing her fur sister Coco). We went to see Rustis. He looked so cute but it was clear he wasn’t the one. We walked Rigby. He was the perfect angel. We adopted him there and there. He came home and his good manners and calm walking disappeared!! He was skittish, timid and a little aggressive. Fast forward 3 years. Rigby is my beautiful, happy, loving mate. He is my long drive buddy, my daily walking buddy, my happy face when I come home buddy. He is transformed!! He was scared of cars, scared of water, aggressive to men and fearful of other dogs. Well! I’m happy to report, he doesn’t flinch when cars are close, he LOVES the beach and splashing through shallow waves, he is right now curled up next to my husband and 2 of our other 3 rescue dogs. Rigby and I have a special bond. I feel if he could talk, he would put it better, his eyes would say it. We have something very special. I love him.

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