After months of little notes being written by my daughter and being left around the house for me to see, we decided to rescue Rigby the greyhound. We were ready to take him home but we had a problem, Rigby didn’t know what a car was so we had to lift him up. Do you know how difficult it is to lift a greyhound into a car? Now he loves the car and runs straight at it, even if the boot is not yet completely open. Getting out and about with Rigby has kept us fit and has brought my daughter out of her shell. Having Rigby has encouraged her to speak to fellow dog owners and now we know everybody by their dogs. Our next dilemma came when we realised Rigby couldn't walk on tiles, especially tiles on stairs. His feet slipped all over the tiles like a pancake. So we got creative, and placed mats all over the tiles and taught him to walk up and down stairs. And the last little thing – he was a little timid; now he runs around leaning on everybody trying to get attention and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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