Our house was so sad and quiet since our Holly (our 11 year old GSD) died in February, we hankered after finding a new dog to love.
After seeing Rico (age 9)on the GSD rescue fb page we offered to foster him. Being in lockdown in Sydney we were all at home (2 adults 2 teens)and got to know and love him quickly…he was soon so comfortable with us and such a love that we decided to adopt him. He adores people, loves walks twice a day, enjoys watching TV in the lounge snd sits quietly on his bed while we eat dinner. At night he sleeps in the main bedroom and wakes me with a gentle whine at about 6:15am to go to the toilet.He has transformed our house back into a home and we all love him to bits and are so glad that we were able to offer his forever home. There is nothing more rewarding than adopting an older dog who has seen a rough time and it amazes me that he hasn’t lost faith in humans.

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