Arriving into our care, as 2 week old sick abandoned kittens, Rice Puff and Royal found an unlikely surrogate in Bear, our Spoodle!

As part of a litter of 5, who sadly passed away over the first 3 weeks, they were sick with cat flu, had low body temperatures and only weighed 210g and 180g. Being bottle fed every 2-3 hours, unable to suckle, their little bodies battled against infection.

Bear, who prides himself on chasing our other adult cats, took up the challenge and maintained a constant vigil at their side. He supervised and groomed them at every feed. As they got bigger, he played with them ever so gently.

With love from Bear, intensive care and unwavering hope from us, they survived and are now healthy, happy and incredibly affectionate little 4 months old kittens topping the scales at 1.6kgs!

Not only this, mastering the art of purring very early, they are incredibly affectionate. We touch them, they purr, Bear washes them, they purr. Now just when we look at them, they purr!

They are happy and healthy, but with another problem! We can’t fill them up!

They taught us that hope has wings, in an unlikely surrogate.

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