I adopted Reggie through petrescue.com.au 7 years ago and travelled from Brisbane to Hervey Bay to get him! Thankfully for me know one had adopted him, I knew he was meant for me when I saw his photo online!
He was 9 months old and pretty timid when I got him. He was very small and skinny. They said they thought he must be a Jack Russell, and wouldn't get much bigger, and he did look that size… But after having him a few months he had grown immensely. He continued to grow to the height of a mastiff or small Dane! I had him DNA tested just out of curiousity. There was no Jack Russell! Want to know?
Breeds they could determine –
Bull Terrier, Rough Collie, Staffy, Poodle!
He has been the best boy I could ask for, so smart, loyal, well behaved and loving. The gentle giant😁
I will always choose adoption❤️

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