Ravenpaw was rescued at 6-8 weeks old, he was the smallest and most reserved out of the 5 baby rabbits we rescued. The day he came into my care, he displayed head swaying and eye darting (neurological damage). As a result he would sleep around 20 hours a day. He was so visibly affected by his condition and I had no experience with a neurologically compromised animal. I never saw him do binkies or zoomies for the first 3 months. It was almost like sleeping was the gateway for relief from the constant head swaying. Overtime the swaying reduced slightly but is still present to this day. During his treatment, I made an effort to constantly comfort him in any way possible. I slowly began to hand feed him and get him to trust me and always made sure to say his name and stroke him gently. A couple of months on and I randomly started yelling “Ravenpaw, where are you” and to my disbelief he came running into the room. He now does binkies and zoomies and will come running when it’s food time. He made me realise how patience and a kind hand can go a long way.

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