Raphie was my foster. She was 11yrs old & an abuse/neglect case. Raphie suffered fear aggression towards animals & humans. She barked, growled & bit. She also suffers intense separation anxiety among other psychological issues & many medical issues that were never treated such as bad dental, luxating patellas & a heart murmor. I was very worried that no1 would want to adopt her. I mean really, what was the chance of someone forking out money for her? So I adopted her myself . I knew this meant I would have to give up fostering ( which I loved ) but I wanted her to have a chance at not being afraid or sick any more. Since adopting Raphie, with time and patience, she has overcome her fear aggression & is a loving happy girl. Her dental and medicals have been treated & is now very healthy and active. She has improved my life by teaching me that there is no such thing as a "lost cause". She recently celebrated her 13th birthday. She loves walks, snuggles & kisses. She still hates bath time though lol. She has overcome so much, I'm so proud of her.

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