It has been 6 weeks since adopting Ranger and things couldn't be better for us both. This is the very first time to rescue a dog and couldn't have given a better dog a home. I can't walk (T6 Paraplegic) and Ranger can't hear (deaf) but this has not stopped us connecting better than any other dog I've had over 30 plus years. To family and friends I was totally "never getting another dog" but as a dog lover I fell in love the moment I seen Ranger in an email from Hear No Evil, seeking his forever home. Ranger, not only deaf, he also has special dietary requirements (allergis to chicken and grain) and being a big dog comes with issues when homing. The moment we met I knew he was coming home. As a paraplegic of 22 yrs from a car accident and living alone, Ranger has filled a void plus!! My last dog of 14 years was also deaf but I bought her a 8 weeks and lost her June 2021. Even I didn't realise how lost I was after putting her to to sleep.. until Ranger coming home and filled my days with so much enjoyment.

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