I adopted Beau as a nervous pup, and he quickly became my best friend. He saved my life, freed me from mental illness, and now is my support dog. He comes to work every day with me, and helps teach others about the impotence of animals and how they can help our mental and physical health. He is 3 years old now, and isn’t afraid of anything. He adores the water, cuddling in bed, and long walks on the beach. A year ago he was in a terrible accident and was run over by a car, but, despite breaking his back, the vets were able to save him, and he is back to full health now. Everyone calls him a miracle dog since the accident – but he’s been my miracle dog since the day we met, 3 years ago. We understand each other in ways I cannot explain, and I will never give up on him; he will continue to live the best life here, until heaven takes him back home.

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