My darlng Jenna (a long coat "rescued" German Shepherd) was put to sleep on February 23 after many months of declining health. She was 14 and had been my constant companion for ten years.

For some time, I had been considering another dog as a companion for Jenna, but also a means of providing me with a transition at the inevitable end. Sometimes, fate can work positively and I saw an advertisement for a 4 year old male German Shepherd who required rehoming . Literally within one hour of losing Jenna, I met Rambo who immediately decided that I was his new Dad.

He may be 4, but he is still the greatest overgrown, excitable puppy. His training is totally incomplete. He responds when and if he chooses, suffers from "selective hearing" and chases Kangaroos, barks at my tame possums and thinks it is all a big game. However, he certainly loves his new home, obeys many commands, is very affectionate. loves his toys, cuddles and tum-rubs so I cannot be too cross with him.

We are working on training each other. (he is currently winning) and he certainly proves the value of being each others "rescue" partners!

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