We adopted Ralph from the RSPCA when he was 5 months old in 2017. He came to the shelter with cat flu and had been dumped by the previous owners. When I saw Ralph I knew he was something special. When we first brought Ralph home he was very shy and didn't understand pats or any kind of love. He has grown into a very social, happy boy. He now absolutely loves cuddles, pats and loves to be held while we walk around the house. He has brightened up the whole families lives as he loves to play and cuddle. He loves his older brother Toulouse (cat) and they love to cuddle and clean each other. He has for sure made Toulouse's life brighter as they both love to take care of each other and are always together, they are the best of friends and cannot ever be without each other. He helped me choose my career of being a vet nurse as I want to help more cats and dogs like Ralph. I would also love to own my own cat rescue one day!

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