I first met Quinn 9 years ago when I was kennel handing at Monika’s. At 6 months old, she was rescued from death row. I remember a scared, shy puppy.

9 years later, I was scanning the Pet rescue website looking for a dog to foster and came across her profile. I couldn’t believe she had not been adopted. I knew I had to help her…

When I first brought Quinn home she was terrified of everything, refused to go on walks and did not trust us…

Slowly over time with patience and a lot of love she came out of her shell and we have gained her trust.

6 months on she absolutely loves her life and my husband and I can’t get enough of her.

She loves going on her walks and coming with me to visit my horses, where she runs free off lead and frolics after me in the paddocks. We visit her ex shelter buddy for play dates (see video) . Her favourite past time is snuggling up in bed and sleeping in on the weekend.

Eventually we decided to adopt her, because life without Quinn seemed impossible. Best decision we ever made

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