Quasar the street cat is a remarkable girl. Quasar was a kitten born to the local homeless cat who hung around our work begging for food. I caught Quasar and her two siblings in a trap and brought them home.

I never planned on keeping her, I was hoping to find her a home, but she chose me as her human parent. I tried to adopt her out to a friend, but it was clear she missed me so I had to take her back.

It was only one small act of kindness on my part, but our journey so far has reminded me that no good deed never goes to waste. She has also reminded me to focus less on myself and help other animals and animal causes as much as I can.

She is my best friend that could have been braving the winters on the streets alone. Every day I come home, and she jumps into my arms, I feel that bringing her home was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

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