Unfortunately Puppy crossed over the rainbow bridge about a year ago now but I wanted to tell you her story as she touch many people's hearts. Puppy was a 3m 8kg carpet python I took in through the National Parks ballot over 6 years ago when I got her she was covered in mites had many scars.
But I could tell she was a sweet heart from her face I could do anything with her. After all her treatment she settled in quickly and I knew she was special despite her size she loved being handled. She was the snake that I got many people over there fear of snakes anyone that met Puppy instantly fell in love and would have a pat or hold.
Thats how she got her name as she was as sweet as a puppy dog!

I've rescued many reptiles over the years before her and still to this day but she will always have a special place in my heart.

Unfortunately  we believe she was quite old and in her last few months developed cancer we made the decision to euthanasia her.
RIP Puppy!xx

Photo is of my dad and I with Puppy. 🐍

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