Over the past 12 months my family have fostered over 17 pups and one mumma dog. The pups were mostly born in the pound and had to be bottle fed, all are unwanted litters. Some were in terrible states, worms, malnutrition and lacking human contact. All have made a full recovery and have moved on to their furever homes where they are all spoilt rotten. They teach my children to love and care for the defenceless. My own dog Duke is the best foster daddy. He takes his role very seriously, and teaches them how to dog. Fostering is hard work but extremely rewarding. Lots of sleepless nights, mess, and can be quite heartbreaking. But they bring us so much joy and laughter. Nothing is more heartwarming than seeing such timid creatures seek out a cuddle when they realise that humans can be trusted. Even better is seeing their updates of their new and better lives!!

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