Rubeus was rescued from a rural shelter where he was due to be euthanised. Second Chance Animal Rescue stepped in and gave him a temporary home at their shelter. After around 4 months of his lonely shelter life, I came across his profile. 2 days later, I bought him home. He was scared, anxious, very “bitey” and not interested in humans. 6 months have now passed and I couldn’t be more proud of my little Hag Man. He likes to be held like a baby, cuddle into my lap and he is always there when I need a shoulder (or paw) to cry on. He doesn’t meow, he yells like a mad man. He likes to use his litter box while I’m also using the bathroom and he is VERY quirky. But far from the anxious little boy he used to be. My dad wasn’t too interested in having a cat but now they share the couch and dad won’t go to bed without saying good night to Rubeus. Rubeus makes us all laugh every single day. He has been a bright light in a difficult time for us all. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

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