Presley was originally at the pound at 7 months of age with a due date for euthanasia when Pet Rescue saved him and put him in a foster home. When I took him home he was very uncertain about his surroundings and was very destructive for a period of two months. He ate my hot water electricals, ate my chairs, ate the kennel and dug multiple holes in the backyard. After giving him lots of love and patience he finally realised he had a new home and knew he belonged with us. He transformed into a calm loving dog and I knew we had a bond the day I sat with him quietly and asked him whether he was happy living with his sisters and me. He looked me directly in the eye and gave me a small lick. That was it, the moment of acceptance and love towards each other. We haven’t looked back since and now he also has a rescue sister Tilly whom he dearly loves.
We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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