Walking home from Redfern train station one evening I heard a sad "meow" singing to me. Looking up at me was two big round eyes in the scruffiest, skinniest bag-of-bones body of a cat. Seeing "his" spine and ribs, I knew this little babe was starving and that I couldn't leave them there, so I did what any crazy cat lady would do – attempted gaining trust for a few minutes to get close enough to scoop him up and run (power walk) home with a skinny, squirming (albeit powerful) cat. Weaving through traffic I knew that if I let go, the cat would get hit by a car, but if I held on too hard, I could break bones- it was the most stressful 7 minutes! After feeding the babe I took them to the local vet as our building didn't allow pets. I had until morning before the council would pick the cat up – I didn't sleep that night. I collected "her" the next morning. Our first night she fell asleep on me and we have been inseparable since. Her alter ego is "Mariah Carey" as she still sings to me – this time out of joy.

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