Tulley came to us by way of a failed adoption due to cats at the property. I had been trying to find a fur baby to give us what I know we both needed for different reasons my for his PTSD and for me having dogs in my life was a given and it was time for another beautiful soul to have as a member of our family to complete it.She didn’t have the best start in life but hopefully we will give her the best of the rest. We felt the love and connection immediately on seeing her and she is a delight full of love and all she needed was to get that love back which we will give her unconditionally.
For a tiny little girl she is so wonderful and full of beans and so easy to teach and so willing to learn. I’m sure we will be entertained by her funny antics learning what toys are for and what lots of plays are and to learn to play with a ball and bring it back to us and to learn about the dog beach and swimming running playing.She is our gift.

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