My 15.5 yr old girl passed away from cancer and I was lost. I knew I wanted another dog and decided even before I found her to call her Poppy. I was thinking greyhound, cause they go well as service dogs. 3 days after Bella died I picked up a Poppy! She is supposed to be a greyhound mix but is more madtiff/lab/staffy/dane. 47kg! A love bug! She is coming to my nursing home, (I'm the activities lady there), loving on the residents just like my Bella did. She is lying on beds of depressed old folk and making their lives better through cuddles. Most recently cuddling an old guy in the last hours of his life. We didn't know he was going to pass away a couple of hours after Poppy loved on him.
She is rescuing me from the sadness of losing Bella. She is rescuing a bunch of oldies who can't have their own fur babies and I am helping Poppy be more calm and controlled around other animals and giving her the love she craves… in bucket loads! She is a gift from God! To many!

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