I'd been asking my real-estate agent for permission for a dog since before we moved in and they said that if the inspection on Friday went well they would approve my request. Friday morning I took my best friend Katy to the RSPCA and we both fell in love with Poppy. We stayed all morning playing with her until my inspection, which went well. I basically pushed the agent out the door so I could go and adopt her! Its been 8 years now and I couldn't imagine my life without her. She loves to sneak into the bed once I am asleep, and even at 12 she easily completes 5km runs and at the end looks at me disappointed that I've stopped running! For a tiny 5kg poodle x maltese she's certainly got plenty of going power. Now she has 3 siblings (2 cats 1 dog) all rescues from the RSPCA and Homeless hounds and she loves wrestling with the cats and sprinting full speed around the dog park with the dogs.

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