I was desperate to rescue but I worked, every organisation rejected me. I tried for months. I was devastated. Go to rspca in Melbourne but others would get there first. My fur baby had cancer and I had to let her go. My little rescue man didn’t recover from emergency surgery. I needed to help a rejected dog. Finally, I thought, I’m a Queenslander maybe look there. There they were. Advertised as a pair who had been dumped at a country tip. But they were willing to separate. My head exploded. I needed to save them and keep them together. They let me. Jetpet flew them down and I picked them up from the airport. They are the most magnificent little people, so loving and happy they are my joy. It staggers belief that they were thrown out. I come home and they let the world know mum is there. They have beds all around the house depending on what I’m doing. And then there were three. My vet rang and asked if I would adopt another given to her to be put down. There was only one answer. He had issues but only needed love. We love each other

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