My boy Pixie, who was dumped at a pound, was adopted by me when he was 10 months old. He was very skittish, tiny, and curious. I spent two months building up his love and trust with me, then introduced him to my girl Gypsy, who is also small and skittish and had lost her friend, my soulmate bunny, Donut, a few months before. I bonded them over a few weeks, and they fell in love. Now I have the most affectionate, loving, funny boy I could hope for. Rabbits taught me how to love after a traumatic life path. With Pixie I am never lonely, never alone. I spend most of my time at home alone with various health issues, and he comes running up to me like a puppy, gives me a haircut, and an eyebrow wax with his teeth, very gently! My life is complete, and my heart is full with the love of my special boy.

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