Living alone for the first time, I found every noise scary and struggled to sleep or be comfortable. So I decided to foster a dog, as adopting felt like too much responsibility. My first foster turned out to be a nameless, scared Maltese who was so ill with kennel cough the vet was worried she wouldn't survive. I was adamant she was only a foster, and once well enough she would make someone very happy. As a foster, she made no noise, never played and was distant to a point I didn't exist. But I fell in love, and the day I officially adopted her I saw a different dog. She barked, she played and i realised I had found my soul dog. We were connected on another level and I would often find us staring at each other, both in love. We had the best 3 years full of laughter and love. She passed away suddenly and I was alone again, but no longer scared. She came into my life when I needed her most, she healed me and left when her work was done. My heart aches for her daily, but she is with me always. My Pippy.

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