Pippa is a beautiful, quirky little Smithfield. She had an extremely bad start in life and was between 8-11 months when we adopted her. The foster carer and I had to corner Pippa to put a lead on her. She froze and I carried her to the car. It was a stressful drive home and she was very sick.
We were living in a shed at that time and I let her go inside the shed. She went straight under our camper trailer and we didn't see or get near Pip for the next three days. We had cat netting out through one door where she went to the toilet and we put food and water where she find it. Our other dog, Ruby was really good at making friends with Pippa.
Three years on and there are things Pippa simply won't do, put on a lead or harness, no to riding in the car, coming when you really want her to. Every step has been long, slow and at time extremely exasperating but we've got an understanding now and we've all come such a long way. She loves cuddles and is now trying to become a lap dog.

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