I was searching for a staghound rescue and I know that they have a few through York. I had a look and saw Ping advertised as 4 month stag hound x. I arranged a time to meet. First meeting I could see she wasn’t 4 months she was a tall and spotty Roo dog x (not a stag hound) but hound all the same. She was gangly and moved awkwardly probably because she spent so much time in the kennel. I couldn’t leave her there so I adopted her there and then. I brought her home. She settled in ok. On the second night we had her I woke in the middle of the night to her barking a low deep ominous bark. I went outside to sooth her. I put her back to bed and sat with her for a bit. She started growling and raised her hackles. Out of the darkness came three burglars. She took off barking at them and scared them away, she was amazing and saved us from a home invasion. She brings so much joy we love her so much she makes us better people and brings our family closer together. We love her.

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