It had been a few years since my beloved cat Walter died and I didn't think I could cope again with the sadness of losing a pet. My boys have been asking me for years for a cat, so finally I gave in. I adopted Pierre as a rescue kitten and he was the last in the litter to find his home. He appeared in a box on Christmas morning and my kids were brought to tears, it was such a surprise for them. He was scrawny, still had fleas, and looked like a rat, and spent his first few days running away from us. He is now a spoilt and much loved pet and we adore him. He has blossomed into a feisty, handsome and playful boy and he follows us around like a puppy. He's like my shadow when I'm out gardening. Pierre is the first kitten my boys have experienced and he has brought so much extra joy into our home. I'd almost forgotten what that bond with an animal is like, and so glad we made the decision to add another member to the family.

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