I met Pickles through my job as a vet nurse at Toowong Family Vet. She needed a home, I took her on. Within 12 months, after blood tests, xrays and ultrasound, it was revealed a ureterolith was lodged in her ureter. She needed emergency life-saving surgery, and a SUBS implant placed (man-made ureter that sits in the renal pelvis, out through the abdominal wall, and ending in the bladder). Three months later, it happen to her other ureter. She's had two full SUBS surgeries, plus the renal portion replaced, two bladder surgeries and countless bloods, ultrasounds, flushes and supportive care.
Picky came to me at a very stressful, somewhat traumatic time in my life and has been a beacon of hope and strength. Her surgery and subsequent care currently stands at over $30,000 (and many tears), but she is the most amazing, talkative, affectionate, one-of-a-kind cat, that I would do it all again in a heartbeat. She was there through a marriage breakdown, moving of cities, stresses and more, teaching me much about resilience and strength, and who I am as a person, that I would pay a million dollars more just to have her by side.

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